How Vivino use Google Looker to get exciting insights

With Google Looker, Vivino Grow Its Business with Data Analytics and Business Intelligence


Vivino is the world's largest online wine marketplace and most downloaded wine app, powered by a community of millions. With Google Looker, Vivino leverages data to drive growth and the best possible customer experience.

Today data is created everywhere, and almost everything we do in business generates data. Data has become an integral part of all the functions in an organisation by helping the organisation, and utilising and understanding all this data allows us to run our business better. This information and insights add value to business decision-making. Nowadays, business decisions are data-driven and consider the facts and insights extracted from the data.

Google and us – the trusted Google partner The Cloud People – believe better decisions happen when everyone can access the correct data. Business intelligence and data visualisation solutions were initially designed to build reports and dashboards. Delivering data experiences that support all the way modern organisations make decisions, requires a new approach to creating the next generation of business intelligence tools. This was the fundament when Looker was developed – a cloud-based platform that simplifies business intelligence. 

The Cloud People are proud to highlight one of many business cases from Google showing how Vivino – the popular app and wine community – utilises Looker. Read below to learn more about how Looker brings data analytics and data-driven decisions throughout Vivino, letting teams and employees share the same data despite different languages, countries and business units.


Google Looker gives Vivino a true single source of truth

In July 2011, Danish Heini Zachariassen and Theis Søndergaard launched their famous app Vivino in Copenhagen. The app lets wine lovers and wine ignorants list, collect, buy and share information about wines. Today, Vivino is the world's largest online wine marketplace and most downloaded wine app, powered by a community of millions.

Vivino’s unique wine shopping experience uses community data to provide personalised wine recommendations – making wine discovery and purchase fun, accessible, and effortless for wine drinkers of every level. Vivino is experiencing fast year-over-year growth by using data to fine-tune retention strategies, improve customer service and response, and deliver data-rich partner apps for winery and merchant partners.

Vivino and Looker teamed up to streamline accurate, up-to-date datasets and metrics for valuable insights and improved customer service. William Moor, Director of Business Intelligence at Vivino, really appreciates the trustworthy single source of truth Google Looker provides.

 “It was a big concern of mine because it’s important that people trust data. If you have two high-level people on different teams presenting different data to the executive team, then they always start to question the data,” says Moor at Vivino.

When Moor embarked on his search for a better business intelligence solution in 2018, his goal was to find a flexible and scalable tool that would enable organization-wide access to trusted metrics as their global team (and data volume) began to grow.

After evaluating different solutions, Moor chose Google Looker for its ability to provide trusted metrics across the organisation, which he knew would help every department make better decisions for their customers. 


Creating a better customer experience with Looker

Vivino is continually gathering as much customer feedback as possible to help enhance the quality of service and products they offer customers. One of the metrics they use to track this is Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer loyalty metric that assesses to what extent a customer would recommend Vivino, its product, or its services to friends and family.

Prior to using Google Looker, Vivino’s customer survey results were distributed across multiple third-party platforms and regional tools, making it challenging to collate, manage, and gain insights from customer feedback. By accessing this data, along with their NPS scores and order analytics in Looker, they better understood the post-purchase and post-delivery customer experience. These insights are available across teams, providing everyone with a consistent view across all platforms, regions, and partners.

Now Vivino is going a step further. With data centralised, Vivino is using natural language processing (NLP), which takes unstructured data in the form of human language (text) and renders it into a format a computer can understand to enable sentiment analysis on the surveys. Because Vivino operates in different markets with different languages, NLP analysis can be complicated. To make it easier, they use a machine-learning-powered NLP tool that enables them to translate text and derive insights. Once the sentiment analysis is completed, the team applies internal customer service classifications (such as “late shipping” or “incorrect order”) to organise the data. 

When the customer service team surfaces this data in Looker, they are assured it’s clean and accurate. They can run a report and look for key terms, different data entities, and sentiment analytics to understand what customers are saying. The result? Vivino’s NPS score (which was already high) increased by 30%. This also enabled Vivino to expand its team to spend more time tracking and acting on insights from Google Looker and supporting customers rather than sifting through multiple spreadsheets with inaccurate data.


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About the Vivino business case: Vivino is an extensive user of Google Looker but is not a The Cloud People customer.