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Google Workspace for Education is a set of digital tools and services that are tailored for schools to facilitate collaboration, simplify teaching, and ensure the security of learning.

Together, these digital technologies exhilarate learning and teaching, enabling each student and teacher to reach their full potential.

Google for Education's key benefits

Google for Education is hosting and distributing digital documents, communication and collaboration through cloud-based technology, and can assist teachers, students, researchers and organizations – at all levels. 


Suite of productivity tools

Students can work together in real time in Google Docs (and Sheets, Slides and Sites) to complete a group project – in class and at home.

Manage with ease

Administrators can set user permissions for accounts from any web browser.

Keep data secure

Educators can configure dozens of critical security settings and feature

Stay connected anywhere

Students, teachers and staff can work together anytime, from any device. With offline apps, they can keep working even without access to the internet.

Inspire collaboration

 Connect teachers and students, both inside the physical classroom and beyond, through this powerful workflow platform. With Google Classroom teachers can easily hand out, collect in and mark work, hold online discussions, organise homework and much more.

Cost effective

Recent study conducted by Forrester found that organizations using Education Plus were more efficient in administration, and eliminated the need to invest in other education technology providers. Click here to get the detailed report.

Google Ecosystem for Education




Learning Experiences

Boost Productivity



Students may collaborate on papers and presentations with ease using Google resources, and teachers can share and co-author files with other educators and students as well as co-edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time.


Thanks to services like Gmail and Chat, communication between students and teachers has never been simpler. Teachers can email announcements to parents using Groups, and they can arrange conferences with parents and other teachers using Meet.

Stay organized

Google tools help teachers and students to stay organized. Students can keep track of assignment due dates using Calendar. Teachers can plan and schedule their lessons using Keep and Tasks.

Learning Experiences

The use of Google Earth and maps in the classroom can aid in the visualization of abstract ideas enabling them to make connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they encounter in their everyday lives. With the help of the new YouTube Player for Education, students may now explore new subjects without being interrupted.

Boost Productivity

Google tools, such as Classroom, help in saving precious time by creating, organising, sharing, and grading the work of students all in one place and successfully streamline teacher's day with minimal effort.  Any piece of paper used in the classroom can be replaced with a Google Form, which is helpful for teachers who are overloaded with paperwork.


Google is dedicated to creating technologies that assist safeguard the privacy of students and teachers while offering top-notch security for your school. Using administrative tools, you can recognize and address security and privacy problems in your institute. Your data will be safe thanks to the retention and preservation features of Vault.

Ringerike Municipality on steady course

When Ringerike municipality was to lay out a plan for a digitalization in schools in 2017, the choice fell on G Suite and Chromebooks for all pupils in primary school. After two days of training and assistance in setting up settings and administering in G Suite, the municipality is now on steady course according to the plan on digital skills in primary school.


Choose your license

There are four licenses that Google for Education provides:

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

This free version provides your school community with tools to foster better communication and collaboration.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Upgrade the basic edition with improved educator tools to help enrich class experiences while promoting academic integrity across your institution. 

Google Workspace for Education Standard

Upgrade the basic edition with advanced security tools and controls to protect against digital threats.

Google Workspace for Education Plus

This is the ultimate, comprehensive edition, which is essentially the combination of Standard and Teaching and Learning Upgrade.