Google Looker Simplifies Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Google Looker brings a new era to Business Intelligence. Learn how you can give everyone in your company a consistent and reliable picture of what is going on in your business with the Google Looker platform.


Today data is created everywhere, and almost every interaction with our business – swipe, click, view, purchase, payment, ship – creates data. Utilising and understanding all this data helps us run our business better. By the end of the day, analysing data lets you put your company in front of your competitors and let you keep your business running when the going gets tough.

Clearly, the need for these data analytics tools is growing. No longer are they used only by an elite team of data scientists slicing and dicing data. In the digital transformation era, mid-level management, marketing, sales, and other non-tech staff are all leaning heavily on data mining and data analytics – daily.

Data analysis has become an integral part of all functions in an organisation. This information and insights add significant value to business decisions. Decision-making is a critical process in any organisation. Hence this cannot be made on assumption or perception. Business decisions nowadays are data-driven and in consideration of the facts and insights extracted from the data.

Let everyone get the answers right

The big question is: How do we analyse all this data to get the most accurate answers as fast as possible?

Organisations face various challenges with data analytics and business intelligence workflows, including data curation and modelling across different sources and data warehouses, maintaining data quality and ensuring security and governance. Traditional processes are slow when a business intelligence tool transforms large and diverse datasets into something easily consumable. And it can take days or weeks to create reports and dashboards.

Some data analytics tools are so complex to use that only the data team have access. This forces the rest of the organisation to wait for the answers, and wait, and wait … maybe till they give up waiting for a response. Other solutions let everyone work on the data but only parts of it. The result is that everyone gets different answers. No one gets the big picture. The correct answer is still hidden for your business.

Both data analysts and business teams can rely on Looker 

Google Looker is a business intelligence software that can explore, analyse and share business analytics. Looker works on top of any analytic database. It enables workers to connect and visualise data across various databases, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, on-premises databases and various cloud-based applications. The platform includes embedded analytics, workflow integrations and the ability to build and deploy custom data applications. 

With the Google Looker platform, you can give everyone in your company a consistent and reliable picture of what is going on in your business. Looker makes it simple to describe our data and define business metrics that your company can agree and rely on. Once you have a reliable source of truth for your business data, everyone in your team can work, explore, and analyse data, ask their questions and drill down to find the right and adequate answers, and easy share the results with one click.  

What is so different with Looker

What is so different with Looker compared to other business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI, Salesforces Tableau, Qlik, Domo or others?  ​​

First: Looker is entirely web-based and therefore browser-based and runs on every computer regardless operation system. Looker offers multi-cloud and hybrid cloud capabilities. Looker works the way the web does: browser-based, its unique modelling language lets any employee leverage the work of your best data analysts. Looker capitalises on the newest, fastest analytic databases to get real results, in real-time.

Second: Looker has provided some outstanding features which attract business users willing to make a better dashboarding experience and smooth data handling in the backend. For example, enterprises can use Looker for various data mining techniques. Mentioned below are some areas where Looker stands out:

  • Tightly integrated with a great many Google data sets, including Google Analytics
  • Modern BI & Analytics
  • Integrated insights
  • Data-driven workflows
  • Custom applications
  • Integration and version control on Git
  • Easy to build dashboards
  • Multiple developers working on a project
  • Minimum refresh rate of 1 second
  • Single source of truth
  • Version control
  • Data Modelling
  • Embedded analytics
  • Explore creation

Third: The Easy SQL Friendly Modelling language – LookML. LookML's advantage is that you can define data relationships while bypassing SQL. LookML also allows writing custom code to customise visualisations without changing the underlying data pipeline. And once you master LookML, most users remark how simple it is to reuse code for repetitive tasks. You can also create highly customised visualisations across many data sets because LookML makes it easy to implement custom code.

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